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The numbers and species of wild animals are getting fewer and fewer in recent years.Their foods are being contaminated, habitats are being destroyed. Various production activities of people have been a serious threat to their survival. Wild animals are very important to our human development, they help to maintain the balance of the ecosystems. If wild animals continue to decline, the ecosystem could one day be destroyed, thus human survival and development would be seriously threatened.So, let us work together to protect wild animals from now on. Do not hunt and kill wild animals, do not to eat their meat. To protection wild animals is to protect ourselves.

What do we do to protect animals

Animals are our friends we should set up nature reserves to protect their advocacy for the Protection of Animals knowledge we all act together with us and the world that there is an animal Earth We should not destroy the surrounding of the animals and plates living .We should not catch and kill wild-animal ,not cut the plates for our greedy desire.I want scientists to stop using animals as experiments。 I thing killing or testing animals is very awful.It is wrong to kill animales for makeing clothes,or for some "fun". Governments should help to protect animales,birds,plants and insects in their own country.I like the animals and I will do evrything to help them I will never wear a fur coat 。When I grow up and make a lot of money I open Center for homeless animals。I want to be a vet when i grow up,I am an animal rights activist。


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Catch and Kill: The Podcast Tapes